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Quotes From People About K/S

Evangeline Lilly:

"I try to analyze the situation as realistically as possible and I can only see Kate and Sawyer growing closer from what's happened." If Sawyer gets back to the island, they should have a new sense of value in each other. They say if you love something, let it go, and then see what happens from there. Not only did they break physically, but they really broke ties emotionally before Sawyer left. You see them both gazing out across the beach, looking for each other, so they learly play a significant part in each other's lives.I also think that what Sawyer gives to Kate is a sense of normalcy and mutuality.When she is around Sawyer, suddenly who she is doesn't have to be hidden and I think she's less ashamed of it. I think she is more able to say, "This is who I am. Take it or leave it,buddy!'' That's a real gift. In real life, usually the people we feel the most in love with and attracted to are the people that allow us to be ourselves- faults and all."
- Lost magazine

"Right now I think Kate should be with Sawyer, because they are on an equal playing ground -they understand each other, they relate to each other and neither has the upper hand. So far Jack always has the upper hand because Kate is always screwing up. He's always taking the higher moral ground, which for me makes for an unbalanced relationship."
- Dreamwatch interview, June 2005

"Honestly, I think that I have to say sometimes I feel like Kate is a better match for Sawyer, because they've got a lot in common. I mean, Jack's almost like Kate's hero, whereas Sawyer's like her equal. They're kind of just these sparring partners, and Jack is like someone she almost idolizes and that, to me, is not the kind of relationship I'd want to be in. I don't know about you, but I don't wanna worship the guy that I'm with. I wanna kind of play around with him and be on equal terms with him, so I'm gonna have to go with Sawyer...for now!"
- interview with E!Online Kristin Veitch, September 2005

"I think at this point, Kate's not ready for the likes of Jack. I think she's a few steps behind. I think she's really enamored by him, idolizes him and I think there's a part that thinks 'well, when you're in a relationship, should you not be more equal?' and I think Kate and Sawyer tend to be more mutual. The fact that she tackles him to the ground over a case shows she's on equal footing with Sawyer."
- IGN.DVD.com interview, September 2005

"I want to see Kate's psychotic side come out," Lilly says of Season Two. What she doesn't want: any more scenes where she sits on the beach pining for Fox's character, the good doctor Jack. "How many times have you seen Kate staring into the ocean, and suddenly Jack walks up and sits down beside her and they have a heart-to-heart?" she complains. "It became laughable. I would say, 'No, no, no way, not again, I'm not doing it.' And the director would say, 'Come on, do it for me, one more time.'"
- RollingStone, September 2005

Question: Who will Kate end up with?
"I think if Kate can conquer her demons, it would be beautiful to see her and Jack together", said Lilly. "He's been so kind to her and he's really supported her. But I think she has a long way to go until she can be in a relationship with Jack. He seems to be so much more sure of himself. He has so much of the hero in him. He looks at her with big brother or daddy eyes. And I don't think that's what makes a romantic relationship".However, the sexual tension between Kate and Sawyer is much rawer.
"They're at the same level at this point", she said. "She treats him like she doesn't give a flying bleep about what he think's and he treats her completely as an equal. There not afraid to go head to head, and I think that's what you need in a relationship".Not that Lilly has any idea who Kate will finally shed her skivves for. "After a year and a half of doing this", she said, "I have eased into the comfort of ignorance. I just roll with the punches and take it as it goes".
- October 2005

"Sawyer makes so much more sense than Jack because Kate is Jack's inferior in so many ways', she nods emphatically. 'Jack is so righteously superior compared to her and that's not attractive. She and Sawyer are on a level. They get each other. They might get each other in a depraved, wild way, but at least it's parallel"
- British Elle Magazine, June 2006

Q: Favorite scene?
Lilly: “Talking to Sawyer [Josh Holloway] when he's unconscious. I'm still learning to act, and in that scene I was able to pull quite a bit from myself.”
Lilly mentioned that the best scene to film was the "I never" sequence.
- April 2006

About Skate: "Kate has gravitated more toward Sawyer. Shes not completely in love with him yet, but she has an attraction to him."
About Jate: "Through her deceitful ways she's got a closed door with Jack."
- UK Daily Expressm, Maio 2006

Steve - Let's talk about the guys very quickly.. you're more into Sawyer than Jack, aren't you, the character?
Evangeline - At this point, Kate seems to be leaning that way.
She pulls out a huge elastic band thing!
Evangeline - Wow, I could imagine Kate and Sawyer could find a use for this.
Steve - What are you thinking?
[They both laugh]
Evangeline - I'm thinking that I'm going to wrap this around a tree, and I'm going to stretch it out as far as it'll stretch between two trees, then I'm going to weave bamboo leaves in between the two rubber band ends and make a beautiful big hammock out of it to sleep in.
Steve - That is a wonderfully practical use for it.
Evangeline - Thank you.
- Evi on T4

Evi: "Now this scene was great in that there was - I think Paul you left a lot open, you left me with a lot of freedom to play, play with the scene and try out whatever I needed to do."
Evi: "Sawyer had to pee so bad here - Just use it Josh, just use it."
Man: "I actually wanted to do this (scene) in a wide shot, they wouldn't let me."
Evi: "I dunno, I think wide would of worked, that way people could of looked at Sawyer?s body the whole time."
[Sawyer waking up]
Director: "I love this scene"
Director: "It's sweet"
Director: "Its sort of like you get it off your chest and that awakens him."
Evi: "Like I kiss the prince and he wakes up."
Director: "Yeah exactly, you break through all the bullshit and you come clean and suddenly he's resurrected."
- "What Kate Did" Commentary (Scene when Sawyer wakes up)

"I keep calling the writers of the show, asking when things between Kate and Sawyer are gonna happen!"
- Elle Brasil, August 2006

"After Ana's arrival, it's not just a love triangle between Jack, Kate and Sawyer but it's a real quadrangle, but as soon as Sawyer comes back, very sick because he's wounded and the infection caused by it, Kate completely falls for him. She's going to take care of him in the bunker for days until he gets better. At this moment she chooses Sawyer rather than Jack!"
- French magazine

"I believe that romance on the show bloomed on the right moment, and the way it's happening, I believe it's very realistic, without being infantile or gratuitous. It's something genuine, mature and sensitive."
- Series etc , November 2006 (about Skate on Season 3)

"I feel that is a huge part of how Kate became vulnerable enough to cry out that she loves a man and actually offer him her kiss, instead of letting him kiss her. I think because she was stripped so bare, when Sawyer says, 'I was trying to give you hope,' the idea that in all of this hell he was trying to protect Kate broke her down. It opened her up to offer him this little nugget of love, which was her kiss. Even after she did it, he asks, 'What was that for?' and she says, 'I don't know,' when clearly she knows. Obviously, the actual answer is, 'I love you, and I don't know how to say it because I am afraid to say it.' He is so much like her that when she says that, he hears, 'I love you,' and then kisses her back. I think the writers did it so beatifully because it was real and grown up."
- Lost Magazine, March/April 2007

That revelation into Kate's psyche set the stage for one of Kate's favorite moments of the season so far. "I really think a defining moment is when she climbs back into the cage. It said so much about Kate. There was so much in that: sex, love, hatred, vulnerability, and a complete closing-off. There were so many things that didn't make sense and yet made perfect sense that opposed one another, that I think it was an amazing representation of who she is and how torn she is inside."
- Lost Magazine, March/April 2007

Question: Do you think Kate and Sawyer will end up together?
They could go a million different places. It's always complicated when two people come together and make love under stressful circumstances, without thinking it through. And it will be complicated for Kate and Sawyer - things are never easy for anyone on Lost!
- Sky Magazine

"Josh and I desperately wanted to make sure that this story was told properly. We didn’t want it be a cliché and we represented the truth of the love behind the characters rather than just the lust or the passion and I think being vulnerable with one another had a big hand in that."
- Lost Magazine, May/June 2007

"Sawyer’s always seen through [the persona] she’s presented to the group and he’s gotten right to the nitty-gritty of who she really is. There are no secrets or pretenses between these two people. The fact that he loves her knowing all of her crap is one of the main reasons why she loves him."
- Lost Magazine, May/June 2007

"She sees Sawyer’s beautiful, pure clean love for her and that makes her love him. I think her love for him comes from the place of “you are the first man to see me as me and love me anyway.”
- Lost Magazine, May/June 2007

"SKATE lives!"
- Autographed Picture for Clarisse Aniston

"My hope right now, I desperately want Kate to be pregnant, and I want it to go on for long enough that she gets the belly, and I've always been so envious of Claire and the way she got to play that role with the baby all the time."
- July 2007

"...but if I were to go with what's gonna work for like 99% of the women in this world, at this point it's Sawyer. They're lovin' Sawyer right now."
- Interview Channel 7, July 2007

Question: Crossing over to the other man in Kate's life, Sawyer seems to be, on the whole, coming of age because of his love for Kate...
Evi: "I think it's beautiful and so endearing. I feel like, unfortunately, it's my job to play Kate in a certain way, but I feel like, "Awww Kate! Can't you see how much he's trying and what he needs from you?" When Hurley said to Sawyer, "You're the leader now," the idea had never drawned on Sawyer in a million years that he could lead people. He doesn't think that he's capable of taking care of himself. But when he realized that, I think that he couldn't help but reflect on why Hurley would see that in him. I think he realized that Kate has seen that in him too. She has always pulled on his shirt tails, saying, "Come on! Be the person I see in you and the person I know you are." She was the first person to do that with him on the island when everyone else thought he was the scum of the Earth. She understood him because they are two peas in the same pod. She was basically saying, "I am offering an olive branch and I will be that person that will care for you and invite you to come with everyone else." Kate's not as much of an outsider as Sawyer is, so he can be that bridge. I think when he finally realized - and it took a while - that Kate has seen that in him all along, he realized if he was going to be that person, he needs her. Sawyer sees the good person in himself reflected through how Kate looks at him and feels about him."
- Lost Magazine, Sep/Oct 2007

"The fact that she cared enough about this cowboy that drove her crazy to get back in that cage was incredbly significant. And I was sitting there reading and I was like 'Yeah!'"
- EMFH location

"And I love the contrast between the two stories because every element of them is completely opposite to the other. So when Kate is with her husband in the flashbacks, she wants it so badly, and yet she knows she can't have it. And yet with Sawyer, she so desperately doesn't want to go there, and doesn't want that thing to happen, but she can't seem to stop it from happening, because there's this momentum and this chemistry between them that she can't really help. And, you know, where she's relatively free in the flashbacks to make it happen, she's not in a cage, and she's not being forced to do labor every day, it's actually more difficult for her to stay in that house, and you know, cook breakfast, and be a little housewife, than it is for her to break rocks and work in a quarry and sleep in a cage. And there's all these contrasts that happened that I just love, because I think the island represents who she truly is in her heart, and the flashback represents who she wishes she was. "
- "I Do" commentary

"I was actually surprised and really pleased with the writing when I read that there was this sort of post-coital scene, because I felt like, for it to be really clear that Kate and Sawyer didn`t have just a weak moment of lust when they gave in to their desires. But that they actually have realized, physically realized something that was inside of them, emotionally. I thought this scene provided that and proved and it supported what we were trying to show in the, you know, the previous cage scene. It was really nice to read it and feel like they were honoring that, they were the emotional."
-"I Do" commentary

"You know, again in contrast to the flashback, whese she got this man who's doing the exact opposite, you know, he's really really heartfelt and intense and intimate about the way he would look her in the eye and say "I love you, Monica", and it's really what sort of you imagine in the traditional idea of falling in love with someone being like. And then here on the island she's got, you know, a guy who's kind of throwing it out there flippantly while she's not even looking at him, and it seems to mean so much more for her!"
- "I Do" commentary

"I think they also both for the first time maybe in their lives have something whorth fighting for. And that`s what breaks my heart in this scene, I think that Kate displayed some of the girliest qualities you ever see her display in tat scene. She`s kinda weak and wimpery about the whole thing. But for me, where that came from was that “I just for the first time maybe ever finally connected to someone and feel like I have something here, and something that worth fighting for, worth living for and now you're gonna take it away.. And I feel like Sawyer is again in the same situation. This is the first time maybe ever in his life that he found someone who he can love. And now he`s about to be killed."
- "I Do" commentary

"I gotta tell you about the episode where Kate refuses to sleep with Sawyer in the afternoon, sees Jack and Juliet talking, and then does. I read that and was unhappy - I always feel that Kate is a redeemable character and that is not redeemable. The way I saw it potentially playing out is that she sees the scenario with Jack and Juliet and then she goes and does the dishes, spends time by the fire, then goes to bed and she lays awake. It's bugging her and she doesn't really get why she is feeling the way she is feeling, she just knows she feels confused and betrayed. Then she ends up in Sawyer's tent for comfort because at times like that, we revert back to what we know. She knows that Sawyer is a safe place and she knows that he is someone that cares about her. But she did use her body to get what she wanted, and that was the one time in the season where I said, "I don't understand," and I disagreed with the choice. It was very hard for me."
- Lost Magazine, Mar/Apr 2008

"Two episodes later, we did this scene where Kate wakes up in Sawyer's tent; presumably post-coital, and she can't sleep and has to leave. There was such an immediate and undeniable sense of love, intimacy, and comfort that was there between Kate and Sawyer in that scene that did not have to be worked for by Josh and me. It has become a given. It has become easy and comfortable because we earned it. I feel like I can't play a scene with Sawyer without the intimacy. We haven't earned the other yet. We haven't established anything that would have driven them apart indefinitely yet."
- Lost Magazine, Mar/Apr 2008

"You know the scene where she was changing in the tent? That one was written so she gets dressed much more quickly and she leaves. Sawyer chases her around camp trying to talk to her, while she brushes him off and ignores him. At the end of the scene, when he basically implies that she just wants to have sex, she loves him and she feels very confused."
- Lost Magazine, Mar/Apr 2008

"He comes into her tent and she was trying to play cold, but she can't help but be charmed by Sawyer. She can't help but love him and feel intimate with him. So she playfully brushes him off and she is kind of like, "Look, you are my petulant boyfriend and I have to get rid of you right now." Is it such a weird idea that people that meet on this island have a relationship? Up till now, we have seen Boone and Shannon, which was so short-lived. We've seen Charlie and Claire, which was always pull in, push away. It was never a constant, sure thing. So that scene in the tent illustrated that this is a con artist and a convict version of boyfriend/girlfriend. It's just that they are crap at it! But this was their attempt at it."
- Lost Magazine, Mar/Apr 2008

"There is always that debate. But the reason why Kate has to be with Sawyer, is that they do understand each other. Let's just for a moment imagine that Kate is up in the middle of the night and got up from the tent, and she's leaving the tent and Jack asks where she is going. When she says, "Old habits" to Sawyer, she calls him out on his exact same issues. She's reminding him that she is a convict that has been on the run for 12 years and she doesn't know how to do this. He gets it. He lets her off the hook with a joke, and she goes back to him with a tongue-in-cheek thank you and they go their separate ways. It works because they get each other. Jack would be hurt, confused and devastated. He would question her motives and think that she didn't love him. He doesn't get her."
- Lost Magazine, Mar/Apr 2008

"But you made love to me in the cage! You can't go!"
- "The Beginning Of The End" Commentary

"I think what happened is that when you're torn between two lovers--you go to the lover who takes you in their arms. Jack wasn't willing to do that."
- Lost Magazine, 2008

"And on the flip side, when you think you are going to lose someone, you actually face what they mean to you. In the cages in season three, she thought she was going to lose Sawyer and that made her face what he meant to her. "
- Lost Magazine, 2008

Question: You could attribute Sawyer evolving into the man that he is now becoming because he allowed himself to love Kate. Do you see it that way at all?
EL: I still see all of that as very heartbreaking because it comes from a place of pain on Sawyer's end. Josh is really amazing at playing that pain and selling the heartbreak. I find that whole thing very heartbreaking and I don't think it stems from a positive place. But I do think it is a positive thing though--what is happening with Sawyer is beautiful to watch. He's becoming much much more selfless. I think it began when they were in the cages. He said he loved her and it was big deal.
- Lost Magazine, 2008

And what of Kate's other star-crossed love, the sexy con-man Sawyer? "Just two nights ago, I was doing a scene on a patio with Josh Holloway," Lilly spills. "When Kate first sees Sawyer, there's almost a feeling of seeing a ghost. I really believe she thought he was dead."
- TvGuide, 2009

If you thought the tortured tropical romance between Sawyer and Kate was over, you might be surprised by a future episode of "Lost," according to Evangeline Lilly, who stars as Kate on the ABC thriller.
"There is a reunion of sorts" awaiting the pair, says Lilly. Never mind that Kate seems to have escaped that mystical island while Sawyer, the handsome rogue played by Josh Holloway, was staying put.
Lilly calls their future encounter "very laced and complicated and simple." But she's careful not to spill any further details.

The preview for the next episode of Lost has alluded to the long-awaited reunion of Kate and Sawyer (Josh Holloway), and Lilly dished on how she hoped it would go down, and what did indeed happen.
For Evangeline, "it was great fun because it’s been a long time since I worked with Josh, and it was great to have that reunion,” she reveals.
Lilly adds, “It’s a very intense thing for both of them; I don’t think Kate realized he was even alive still. The last time she saw him, he had jumped out of a helicopter, was swimming in an ocean, to an island that, minutes later, disappeared.
“So for all intents and purposes, Kate thinks he’s dead. She really is holding out a little measure of hope that he’s alive, but the skeptic and the realist within her is saying he’s dead. So to see him again, more than being intense and romantic, it’s just intense and shocking.”
- Source: MSN CA

"Without saying too much, I can tell you that they managed to made the meeting between them very intense for both and that makes Kate slowly realize her feelings."

Everyone remembers the cage sex.
- Jules Vernes Convention being held in Paris, 2009

TS: And you, who woud YOU want her to chose?
Evi: I would like to say Sawyer. He's more abrupt (blunt), more direct (straightforward?) maybe, even if his flaws makes him a complex character. I like his adventurous side.

Kate truly and genuinely loves both [Jack and Sawyer]. I've been thinking about this to myself for six years and done research on it. It is possible to love two people at once. There is a different kind of love for each one. When I watched Kate in the third season, I wanted to hit her over the head with something. She was quite fickle, from one to the other and back again. I was desperate, but not anymore. It's nice to see how she can now love them both without having to jump from one bed to another.


Josh Hollway

No doubt fans are eagerly anticipating Sawyer and Kate locking lips again but will his absence truly have made their hearts grow fonder? "I don't know how reuniting with Kate will strengthen or weaken their relationship," reports Holloway. "It is yet to be discovered. However, their current relationship definitely is motivating his will to survive."
- Lost Magazine

So when asked about Kate/Sawyer - Josh was very dodgy but he did say "I'm going to get her." And he also said the writers will be bringing them together, pulling them apart, bringing them together...to keep the tension in the relationship.
- Good Morning America

"Sawyer will always screw it up because he's Sawyer. He's all caught up in it now and he's got feelings for her and there is nothing he can do about it. She's got him in a way....."
- Lost Magazine, July/Aug 2006

Viewers will have a chance to see the softer side of Sawyer as his romance with Kate continues to heat up . "He generally cares [for her]," Holloway says. "She triggers something in him that's vulnerable." once again Holloway finds himself drawing on his own experiences for inspiration: "Kate very much reminds me of someone I loved once in real life."
- Tv Guide

"There's no major love scene yet, but it's definitely heading in that direction. He's got an in with Kate right now because he's been injured, so don't think he's not gonna work that angle. He's definitely using the "poor me" thing. It's heating up, which is good. Sawyer's got needs. He hasn't gotten any action since he's been on the island."
- TV Guide

Question: What's your favorite part about doing the show?
"One of my favorite things has been the development of Sawyer's relationship with Kate, which has been such a cat-and-mouse thing. I'm a man and I love to work with a woman. I love the energy between men and women and I try to play with that."
- TV Guide

"Sawyer lives as a selfish person, he doesn't care about anyone, except for Kate, with whom he is secretly in love"
- Idols

"There always has been. You know, maybe they'll finally heat up to something. I'm ready... I'm ready for something to be resolved or at least ignited. You know, something has to happen."
- Season 2 DVD Release Pary

If Sawyer has let his guard down at all on the island, it's because of Kate (Evangeline Lilly), the fugitive with a heart of gold, affectionately dubbed Freckles by Holloway's character. "She sees right through him," Holloway explains. "She's the little chisel that broke his first wall." [...] "Slowly, he's been falling for this girl." Holloway says, "And when you come into danger from outside forces, it reveals your feelings even more."
- Tv Guide, October 2006

"At the time of shooting the scene I didn’t think about anything! (laughters) . The secret to make a good romantic scene is to know how to communicate with your partner and feel if you are both in the same mood. Evi is wonderful, very open artistically. She is the kind of person who thinks ‘let’s do it right!’ and this is what matters: to make it work. This is great and liberating"
- Series.etc

He said that he had always been personally hoping for Kate to choose Sawyer over her other potential love interest, Jack (Matthew Fox), but was never sure that it would turn out in his favor.
- Josh Holloway interview for sci-fi.com

And focusing on upcoming subplots even Evangeline Lilly seems to agree that enough is enough, wondering when asked if she will end up with Jack or Sawyer, "I’ll end up with whoever serves the story best," And Josh Holloway added succinctly, "Best sex."
- from the panel that appeared on 'An Evening With Lost'

Kristin: You left the fans with a nice little gift before the hiatus, the nice love scene between Kate and Sawyer. Thank you for that.
Josh: You are quite welcome, my pleasure.
Kristin: What did you think when you saw it, were you pleased with how it turned out?
Josh: We were really, Evangeline and I talked about it and you know it has been a long time coming, we wanted it to be right, we talked about it and we talked about it with the director and we all worked it out, it was really great that they actually let us take our time, we wanted it to mean something, have some moments in between not just this crazy animal thing in the dunks. So they allowed us that and it added something to it, it's good.

Kate and Sawyer finally making love. Holloway admits he's been waiting for the moment for ages. Echoing fan sentiments, he says, "The love triangle between Jack, Kate, and Sawyer has been going on for a while now. Naturally, after a certain amount of time invested, it becomes necessary for the audience to see some kind of resolution."
- Lost Magazine

While many fans expected the sex, the exchange of the word "love" between the two was more surprising than the actual deed. "The reality of when you first say 'I love you" to somebody, in my experience, it's never some grandiose thing. You've been wanting to say it for so long that by the time it comes out of your mouth, it's the most obvious thing in the world." But the actual words coming from Sawyer's mouth, in earnest, was still a huge moment. Holloway concurs. "It was tricky. As we all know, 'I love you' is just not something a guy like Sawyer would normally say to anyone. But then again, different things and different situations do affect people signficantly at times. Like when you come out alive from a really horrible car accident. What do you do next? You call your wife, husband, family, friends, whoever, just to let them know how much you care about them and that you're OK. That is human nature. In this specific case, Sawyer has survived a plane crash, been stranded on this mysterious island and experienced things that even in his wild law-breaking days, he'd never imagined experiencing. That type of 'out of this world' experience brings out a lot of different feelings in any human being. This [love] scene is a prime example of that."
- Lost Magazine

"It's great, because neither of us really know where it's going, so we don't know exactly what to fully invest in, which actually plays on camera," Holloway said. "It's nice kind of not knowing. And one minute we're really kind of close and sappy, and the next minute we're like 'Who are you?' It's that thing. But our friendship has deepened quite a bit. We've been working together constantly and having to discuss these things and how we're going to do them and so forth. So it was good. And we're really proud of the way that love scene turned out, because we wanted it to be different. We wanted it to take some time and have some moments in the middle of it. Not just this crazy furious thing. Because it's been such a long time coming."
- SciFi.com

The long standing love triangle between Kate and her potential love interests, Jack and Sawyer, seems to have reached a conclusion, at least for now, as Kate and Sawyer ended up sleeping together recently. Asked if he was happy to see a resolution to that story, Holloway said, "Finally! I was like, 'Come on… Yes!'" More seriously, he added, "It was important to us, because it took so long, to really make it something different because you know, on a show and a situation like that, the sex… Well with Michelle [Rodriguez], it was very animalistic, and fast and furious. We wanted [for Kate and Sawyer], since it was such a long payoff, that it meant something, and they actually care about each other. We discussed that, Evangeline [Lilly] and I, and to have moments in between it of intimacy. Not just constant physical actions. So we wanted to [have it be] action, action, but have pauses in there, and connect, and we were able to do that I feel like, which made it different."

"Neither of us knows where it's going," he says of the on-screen romance. "And sometimes those scenes are hard to watch. I'll see a look a give her and it's a look I give my wife. I guess, though, that just means I did my job."
- sioux city Journel.com

"Sawyer recognized that being in love puts him in a very vulnerable state. It will be very natural for Sawyer to fight his vulnerability and somehow succeed to screw up, in one way or another, and be on his own again very soon. As a character, it’s hard to see Sawyer being in a relationship where he isn’t wearing the pants, if you know what I mean."
- Lost Magazine

"That was very important to us, as actors as well, and as characters. Because it had been so long, the payoff needed to be something special, so we talked before, Evi and I, and decided to really take our time, and really take moments in there and hope that that came across differently. And I feel like it did."
- "I Do" commentary

"Yeah, that was tricky too, to play because it so, can not be melodramatic, and was a fine line."
- "I Do" commentary (about the "I love you too")

"So far it's still, there's still feelings there and um, we have an encounter again this season. And it's an interesting one too...We've still got feelings, and we're undecided where that's going, and like I said before, I'm not sure exactly sure where my character is going to end up, so I think he may be proposing certain things to her, or her to him, like, 'Where ya gonna go?' It's kind of all up in the air because of the situation on the Island."

How has your character changed over the four series?
"He's changed a lot. I think it's having to deal with caring for someone other than himself - kate, I mean. He's spent so much of his life being a con man, and his defence has been not giving a damn about people. I just hope sawyer won't turn into a sap and lose his edge. "
- Sky Magazine

-Question: Are you really in love with kate or is it just a fling?
Josh: I think he´s reluctantly in love with her...uhm...despite himself...that´s been kind journey of the character...it´s all new to him, he´s never allowed someone in because of his defence, so...i think his journey on the island has been facing his demons and finding another standing with his own humanity and...a part of that is love, so...
- Josh´s interview on one of turkish tv shows

"He realizes some sacrifices need to be made," the actor teases on a hike through the dusty trails of L.A.'s Runyon Canyon while dragging on a cigarette. "And I think he's afraid to go back to society. He has gone through an evolution on that island. He has had to face all these demons and he has grown — enough to know he's not OK with himself anymore. Instead of destroying lives, he has saved some lives. He cares about people … and has fallen in love."
- USA Today

When he jumped out of the helicopter, that was his ultimate sacrifice to love.
- Lost podcast, 2009

The actors recall their favorite scenes:
"When I'm about to get on the raft and I tell Jack at the bar I met his dad and that 'He's sorry and he loves you'. That was a great scene between me and Fox. I also loved the sex in the cage with Kate."
- TvGuide, 2009

Josh Holloway on if Sawyer and Kate will get back together: "I have no idea. Maybe that's towards the end. I hope they don't throw me right in there because that would be shallow. [Laughs.] But we'll see. I don't know. Maybe she'll bring him back around to wanting to live again, that's what I'm hoping."
- Comic Con 2009

I completely believe it: it is possible to love both of them at the same time [Juliet and Kate]. They are different kinds of love. Kate simply exists. And Sawyer's love for Kate is undeniable. Both have tried to avoid it in every way possible, but it doesn’t matter: they get stuck together once again [Holloway gives a clap and narrows his hands]. On the other hand, the relationship with Juliet is different. He chose that relationship. It's something that requires nurturing with friendship and sacrifice.
- Spanish interview from http://ow.ly/168ORM, 2009

Yet he acknowledges the roller-coaster plot brought out some of Sawyer’s finest moments. His favorite: when Sawyer and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) were imprisoned face-to-face in the Others’ cages in Season 3.
- TvGuide, 2010

But the reunion many fans are dying to see is Sawyer and Kate. In last season’s ender, the two shared a longing glance, witnessed by an intuitive (and heartbroken) Juliet, who realized there’s still major chemistry brewing. Still, in the aftermath of Juliet’s demise, Holloway says Sawyer’s agony makes it “not possible for him to be with Kate. Right now, he doesn’t give a f--- about life…or anyone in it. He’s destroyed inside. There’s an undeniable love for Kate, but everything inside of him is fighting not to go there.”
- TvGuide, 2010

The chemistry between Sawyer and Kate, who combine with Jack for a potent romantic triangle, has been there from the start, Holloway says.
"It was pretty much our first day of work where I shoot the polar bear and Kate gets the gun from me and then I grabbed her. The scene wasn't written that way. ... As she got close to me, I pulled her in close, and that's where it started. They said they saw sparks, so they went with it," he says.
- USA today

Josh Holloway is more blunt: “Sawyer and Kate have a love that is undeniable but maybe it must be denied.”

Are things officially over then between Sawyer and Kate?
Any feelings he allows for Kate are a betrayal to Juliet and their love. As the character, I don’t want anything to do with it. It’s shameful to him. Yet there’s an inevitable attraction. I want the writers to honor what Sawyer and Kate have built together, but I don’t know what that looks like.
- tvwatch.people.com, 2010


The Writers/Creative Team:

Also, co-creator, executive producer, and writer Damon Lindelof has this teaser to share about tonight's episode (which Damon penned): All I'll say is that Confidence Man sports the first kiss ever on LOST -- and boy, it does NOT disappoint.
- LostTV.com

JJ. Abrams call the scene where a tortured Sawyer demands a kiss from Kate in exchange for information "as intense and charged as any I'he ever worked on". The two new faces came into their own with that climactic kiss, Abrams says. "Seeing these terrific actors, who were unsure of themselfes, together like that was a thrill, I was really pround of them."
- Tv Guide • Top 20 Hottest Kisses Of All Time

Dominic Monahgan: They have a nice chemistry!
Damon Lindelof: Yes.
"The Moth" Commentary

J.J.'s third favorite episode was "Outlaws" because "I loved the dynamic between Sawyer and Kate. It proved to me that two people talking in the jungle can be as compelling as running from a monster." Damon's third favoritw was "Confidence Man" because "Making Shannon asthmatic made the audience really care about a character they had previously written off. And that kiss between Sawyer and Kate? Come on!"
- TV Guide, a section on "The Secrets of Lost."

From airforcebrat: Damon, so we have to wait eight weeks to get Sawyer and Kate together again?
Damon: Well, I wouldn't say eight weeks...They'll be thinking a lot about each other. I think it would be a real copout if the raft washed up back where it set off from, and it was real easy. And it's romantic when people are separated. It's like The English Patient or Sleepless in Seattle, right? Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan don't get together till the last five minutes of the movie, so you know it'll be worth it. Trust me.
- about the skate reunion in season 2

"It's over. Just like Ross and Rachel were over. And Dave and Maddie were over. And Han and Leia were over. And Rick and Ilsa were over. And Antony and Cleopatra were over."
- Javi ("The Fuselage")

"People honestly care whether Kate and Sawyer get together? Really? I hadn't heard. Oh, except for the time my own mother called me during the middle of "THE OTHER 48 DAYS" and told me, "If you kill Sawyer before he gets together with Kate I will come down to your house and spank you like you were 4 years old." But other than that... Stay tuned, we know you all are dying to find out what happens. Trust me."
- Matt Raggs ("The Fuselage")

"There is such chemistry between Evangeline and Josh, such real heat."
- Damon Lindelof

"He is inclined to nickname you based on the way that you look. He is sort of the ugly part of us that says the things we may be thinking but are afraid to say. The only endearing name he has for anyone is Kate."
- Damon Lindelof (USA Today)

"What I thought was happening is Kate was hoping to find a letter from Sawyer to her. I don't think it was logical or well thought out, but that's the way it came off to me. I think she was hoping Sawyer wrote something either to her or about her."
- Gregg Nations about message in the bottle ("The Fuselage")

"Kate learns more about Sawyer's dark side but still can't help but be attracted to him"
- Carlton Cuse (Tv Guide)

"And concerning the relationship between these two people, I believe that Jack is attracted to Kate, but he knows deep down that she'll never be what he needs, that she'll never play the part, and that all things considered, she's much more attracted to someone like Sawyer."
- Damon Lindelof (French magazine)

"[…]Cool ideas, and it’s a pity that they’re never gonna be part of the show, because our mothers wouldn’t care. At the risk of making this a running gag - but my mother will ask: Alvar who? I want to know when Kate and Sawyer are finally going to kiss!"
- Damon Lindelof

Damon: Well, she made out with Jack
Carlton: But she also kissed Sawyer!
Damon: Yeah, she kissed Sawyer
Carlton: And although she was compelled to kiss him it was not like she didn't enjoy it when she did it.
Damon: Yeah, she sure looked like she enjoyed it!!!
Carlton: Yeah!
(about the first skate kiss)

IGN: Who do you think would be better for Kate, Jack or Sawyer?
Cuse: That's going to be for Kate to decide. They both have their virtues. Who would you choose? I like Sawyer because he's a lot cooler than me but that doesn't mean she's going to choose him. We'll have to see.

Damon: Yes or No. Does Kate (Carlton:Yes) love Sawyer?
Damon: Well there you go.
Carlton: I didn't even have to hear the whole question, I knew it was a Yes.
Damon: Excellent. Alright, those are my two quick questions.
Carlton: Awesome.
Damon: She said she did.
(EMFH Podcast)

"a much more definitive and emotional and physical choice"
- Carlton Cuse (Lost executive producer, about the kate choice in 'I do')

Carlton Cuse: But let's talk about Kate hooking up with Sawyer, just for a segue.
Damon Lindelof: Sure, I'd love to. [...]
CC: Was this choice...definitive?
DL: How much clearer could you be about her choice? I mean, who's watching it and going, 'I'm not sure that she picked Sawyer, I think maybe she went with Jack there.' She's had sex with him.
CC: And yet- And yet people actually do, you know, I think certain people maybe just don't value the act of sex as being that important.
DL: I don't- I don't even know how I could possibly respond to that in any PG-13 sort of fashion. But...I will say that when you are curled up naked on someone's chest, as I have been on Carlton's on several- on several occasions...
CC: I knew that was coming.
DL: You...You've made your choice.
CC: Well. And I'm- I thank you for that. I appreciate it. I appreciate your commitment to me.
CC: I guess if you blow your father up that might not be an illegal act, as having sex with someone doesn't mean you are necessarily committed to them.
(the official Lost podcast, December 2006)

"If you think Jack and Kate make more sense as a couple, how many people do you think make sensible choices? Maybe a more interesting dissertation topic would be how people don't make the "sensible" choice?
And from whose perspective does it make more sense? Jack's? Kate's? Jack seems to have this character issue about fixing things, so does Kate need fixing? How will she feel about that? And Kate doesn't seem to be able to settle down. How will Jack feel about that? Let me just throw in for the argument that Sawyer seems to accept people for whom they are and not who he wants them to be."
- Gregg Nations ("The Fuselage")

"I think that Kate is going to really be an interesting character this year because she is going to finally make a romantic choice and a commitment. This is a character who has been very afraid of commitment. I'm very excited to see the journey of that character this season. I think that Evangeline [Lilly] is really just blossoming as an actor. I'm very excited about what we have planned for her."
- Carlton Cuse

"Sawyer is the guy that she's really drawn to. He is a model of a guy she's been with before. He likes being the bad boy, he wants everybody to hate him. He's Han Solo, he's Captain Jack Sparrow and probably does not truly treat her the way she wants to be treated but at the same time that makes him sort of mysterious and sexy."
- Damon Lindelof (Survival Guide)

"If I understand your post correctly, you think that Kate and Sawyer's relationship is based only on sex. I think it's much more than that. When Damon said that Kate was drawn to Sawyer, I think he was referring to their emotional natures. They are very similar types of people and probably understand each other on a deeper level than even they would want to acknowledge. Of course both of them are very attractive people, but their attraction to each other is far deeper than that.
- Gregg Nations ("The Fuselage")

Damon: You know, Jack has actually stayed behind, you know, Kate and Sawyer have now left him behind. She feels incredibly guilty having been sprung, so sort of any romantic advancement between her and Sawyer is gonna be sort of mitigated by the fact that the only reason they're alive is because of this act of heroism that Jack did, so, you know, that complicates things.
Carlton: Yeah, that complicates things, but it would be wrong to say that Kate and Sawyer are over, too.
Damon: Oh, no!
Carlton: They are not over.
Damon: They are not over by a long shot
Carlton: There's more to come.
(E! Online)

Kristin: Kate loves Sawyer.
Damon and Carlton: True!!
(Game of "True", "False" or "Hell, no, we won't tell you!" on E! Online)

"So in this situation... From what was written in the script, I think it's clear that Sawyer correctly guessed that Kate did sleep with him because he was going to die. However, is that the only reason? No, I don't think it is. It isn't a simplistic situation. Even if they didn't have the history they have together, the time spent with the Others wore them down emotionally. Add in their charge history and obvious attraction to each other, and I think you get a situation that has many shades of grey and more levels of interpretation than a simply summary can communicate effectively.
Also, they were fighting when this issue was brought up. I know people like to think they'd be reasonable and level-headed during fights, but an emotionally charged atmosphere, hunger, exhaustion, fear, and whatever else they were feeling probably took its toll and it was reduced to simply being against the other. Sawyer felt hurt, and he's not the greatest guy at communication his feelings. Kate felt hurt, and she's not the greatest woman at communicating her feelings. Hello, stubborn, meet stubborn. Someone get them a couples therapist! Pronto!"
- Gregg Nations ("The Fuselage")

"The triangle has been in place since the beginning. If you think about it, I'm sure you can figure out a similar triangle that started the same way. (Han, Luke and Leia? Lucas just chickened out and made Luke and Leia brother and sister so he didn't have to deal with the triangle thing... or the incest thing. That would've been really weird.)
Outlaws took place before I Do, so at the time that they were answering those questions they were being truthful. How do you know that their "I Never" game didn't push them over the edge for each other? Love develops over time, even for those who don't like to lower their emotional defenses. And there are many more episodes left, so you never know how things are going to turn out."
- Gregg Nations ("The Fuselage")

"I watched that, too, and I came away thinking that they really did give the answer that Kate's choice was Sawyer. It wasn't just a sexual choice but an emotional choice, too. She did make a commitment, and it's a difficult thing for her. Maybe Damon and Carlton weren't the clearest in explaining it, but I think that's what they meant."
- Gregg Nations - ("After the recap program, "Lost: The Answers." that Damon said "I Do had answered was what character Kate would have sex with first")

"I guess the question would be does Sawyer really want that? It takes two to tango, and he didn't just accept the situation with Kate. He fell for her, too, so what does that say about him? What if someone as you described did present herself to him, would Sawyer be with her? He does tend to have a self-destructive streak a mile wide. I think that would come into play at some point."
- Gregg Nations - ("a question about Juliet and Sawyer have something")

"I don't think of Kate as a "prize" or Sawyer as a "consolation prize." I think of them as complex people whose behavior and motivations are probably unknown to either of them. They don't seem to be very self-actualized people -- they just react.
My experience of relationships is that once you're in one, it's not always easy. It's a lot of work, and there can be a lot of miscommunication and hidden agendas (nothing major like cheating on someone but about minor things that the other person is usually afraid of admitting). When Kate goes to Sawyer crying, I read that more as her desiring some sort of emotional connection. It was primarily motivated by seeing Jack with Juliet, but it doesn't mean she isn't interested in Sawyer. If she were really using someone, she would gone to any guy in the camp and slept with him. But she didn't. So when The Brig rolls around, she's with Sawyer in his tent. What's there to miss? They are together and have been together. They're trying to make it as a couple the best way they know how.
Then Sawyer has his experience in the Black Rock. He just murdered a man. It changed him. I'm sure he wasn't in the mood to explain himself to Kate or try to reassure her everything was okay between them. Kate noticed something was wrong with him immediately, so I'm not sure why you think she didn't. I read those looks from her as trying to figure out what was going on with him.
You write he can't count on Kate but I don't read it like that. He's lonely, but whose fault is that? Sawyer has pushed Kate away from him, and she's understandably not happy about that. I have never found either Kate or Sawyer to be upfront about their feelings. Sharing what is going on between them is not something they do well at all. This is not a couple that would go to couples therapy. I don't see their relationship only as lust or sex. I see it as two troubled people trying to work it out the best way they know how. They just don't have a good set of tools to use or to communicate with each other."
- Gregg Nations ("The Fuselage")

Elizabeth Mitchell: Awww, look.
Damon: This is a great moment.
Liz: Aw, it's beautiful, they do the most beautiful work together. Awww. And he doesn't know what happened, and she's in a dress! Aw, it's heartbreaking! [...] Aww, guys! Aww, this is sad!
[Sawyer's line about requesting Kate's cage]
[They laugh]
Damon: Nothing like a good joke to break the ice.
Sawyer: Nice dress.
Kate: They made me wear it
Damon: He doesn;t like that
Liz: Oh my God! Noooo! Awww!
Sawyer: You hungry?
Damon: See, this is a perfect exemple of awesome acting, because we write the dialogue here, but all the great stuff is happening around the lines, you know, all these looks they're throwing at each other
Liz: Yeah, they did it, they've got an amazing thing. They are so much fun to watch.
Damon: I like that she covers her mouth there, it's kinda like, you know, it's this sort of demure moment in the mix of complete and utter insanity. - ("A Tale Of Two Cities" Commentary)

"In the meantime, the parallel on the island is, she and, you know, you have Kate and Sawyer, who are these two characters who are obviously really, there's this incredible thing happening between them, and yet both of them I think are afraid of, you know, this sort of intimacy and kind of connection, and they're drawn to and also sort of afraid of the feelings that they have between each other at the same time."
- Carlton Cuse ("I Do" commentary)

"This was such a big moment on the show where these characters, kind of finally consummate their relationship."
- Carlton Cuse ("I Do" commentary)

"It was great, I mean, you think about it, you know, in a show in a television show to basically go 55 hours before two characters who are in love with each other actually finally consummate and make love. It’s really amazing. And I think it was just as a starting point of the relationship really kind of deepening it and existing in a different level. It was really a great scene."
- Carlton Cuse ("I Do" commentary)

"And just having, you know, Sawyer saying “I love you too” to Kate was such a huge moment to us, on a writing level, because just that aknowledgment from him was such a hard thing for that character get to that place. And the way he sort of tosses it off but, you know, committing to it without having to you know... but doing it obliquely, which is great."
- Carlton Cuse ("I Do" commentary)

Josh: Is it Jack's turn with Kate?
Carlton: [Laughs] That doesn't sound very romantic, but I guess we get the underlying meaning. The Jack-Kate situation remains unresolved and probably will be for a while.
Damon: We will say we haven't seen the last of Sawyer and Kate this season. Not by a long shot.
-TV Guide, 2008

Carlton: Would Sawyer prefer Ginger or Mary Ann, if given the choice?
Damon: Ginger.
Carlton: Would he prefer her to Kate?
Damon: No.
- Podcast, 2008

"Romance is always blooming on and off the island. And just for you, I hereby promise you one of the most spectacular kisses you’ve ever seen on the show in this year’s finale."
Damon Lindelof - Lost Magazine

"I can disclose no more details other than to say it's one of my favorite moments of the whole series so far."
- Carlton Cuse about the kiss on the season 4 finale

It's still in the plan,
It's still spectacular.
It will happen between a boy and a girl.
But it doesn't happen on the island.
Your fan,
DL (Damon Lindelof)
- E! Online

"There's going to be a really juicy kiss coming up in the finale and that there's going to be a lot more on the Sawyer-Kate-Jack romantic triangle."
Carlton Cuse - Popular Mecanics

Damon Lindelof: Everything's gonna come together in this final two hours. We're gonna see how the Oceanic Six get off the Island. We're gonna see why they start lying. We're gonna see who doesn't get off the Island and see why some of them choose to stay.
Carlton Cuse: And we're gonna see a big kiss—a really big juicy kiss—between two characters.
Damon Lindelof: A spectacular kiss.
Carlton Cuse: And it's gonna be very good for people who are very involved with the Jack-Kate-Sawyer romantic triangle. You're going to see a lot more about that in this finale.
Damon Lindelof: So you're saying that kiss is gonna happen between two of those characters. Jack and Sawyer perhaps?
Carlton Cuse: I'm gonna say not Jack and Sawyer. I'm gonna say you can probably pick two other sides of the triangle.
- E! Online

Carlton: So this scene here was obviously one of our big and favorite moments in the story and you know. We're, you know, all season long we have been dealing with the, well, all show long we've been dealing with the romantic triangle between Kate and Jack and Sawyer, and for us this was a huge moment in that story, you know, we've seen actually in the show earlier this year that Jack and Kate got engaged in the future and now we're basically in a place where we know that that is coming up we know they'll sorta be together in the future. We know that Sawyer is not one of the Oceanic 6 and now we're actually gonna get to see how that actually all transpires. At least a part of it.
Damon: And most importantly we know that Kate and Jack's future relationship in fact that he proposes to her, she accepts his propposal, all comes apart because she is doing something for Sawyer and lying to Jack about it. And this scene, this is the last time Kate and Sawyer see each other before she leaves the island, so whatever it is he whispers to her obviously is what sort of catalyzes and ultimately destroys her relationship with Jack. As a result of that relationship being destroyed Jack starts popping pills and seeing his father and all these things, so this scene, Sawyer whispering to Kate actually is sort of a major critical plot -
Carlton: By the way, in a production level, those stuff actually dumping into the water, we actually see them splash dowm, I just, I never can see that enough.
Damon: This is awesome, I mean, again, you look at this scene, you go, you know, not to toot our own horn, because actually we're tooting the horn of the amazing production crew down in Hawaii, but all of this was shot in a period of 3 and a half weeks and it really has-, it's stuff like that that makes you feel like you're in a feature film
Carlton: This is where Sawyer tells Kate that she's got something, like, in her teeth
Damon: Yeah
Carlton: He tells her there's a green something-
Damon: She says "Why are you telling me this?". He says "Because I don't want you to get a cavity. Gengivitis could-"
Carlton: Now he sucks it out of her mouth
Damon: Oh my God, you're totally ruining the beauty of this moment.
Carlton: I think the people who watch the DVDs need to know a secret that they don't have to wait until season 5 to get.
(Sawyer jumps)
Damon: He says "Don't forget to rinse with Flourine" and jumps out.
Carlton: Now that was actually, that was no CG, that was a real stunt guy who jumped twice, once from about 85 feet and the second time from 105 feet out of a helicopter.
Damon: That's Josh Holloway in a pool at the Alaka'i, surfacing
Carlton: That shot was an amazing shot, this incredible stunt guy actually jumped over 100 feet from the helicopter into the ocean.
(Kate crying)
Damon: And that's a stunt tear that just came out of Kate's eye.
Carlton: No, that was a real tear.
- "There's No Place Like Home" Commentary

Damon: And when you do it that way if you think about a scene like the one you're watching now you go "Wait a minute, Sawyer is on the chopper, and I know that Sawyer is not one of the Oceanic Six, and Lapidus isn't one of the Oceanic Six, so at this moment where Kate and Sawyer sort of look at each other it's tinged with sort of a sense of dread for you as an audience member, you don't know why but you know-
Carlton: And there's no Sun and there's no Aaron.
Damon: Yeah, and it's like, and they don't have Desmond yet, so you're starting to kind of figure out "Ok, we're almost halfway through this finale and I still haven't quite figured out how those six people are all gonna end up together, but I know that something bad is probably gonna happen to Sawyer."
- "There's No Place Like Home" Commentary

Damon: There's this great little throw away line, he says "In case anybody else wants to jump" we got to play this aspect to the triangle, and there's a great tragedy here in what Jack says, because the audience knows they'll never get to go back for Sawyer, but it's sort of noble that he's saying that because at this point of the game he just saw Sawyer and Kate kiss and he's kind of writing her off again.
- "There's No Place Like Home" Commentary

Carlton Cuse(Executive Producer)
Writing the first draft of the scene where Sawyer kisses Kate and jumps from the helicopter was one of those great moments you strive for as a writer, where I felt like I was literally right there in the moment with the characters. I could feel the wind blowing, the chopper blades thumping, and the palpable anxiety about the fuel streaming away from the chopper. Making the decision to jump was such a cathartic moment for Sawyer, and such a culmination of his journey so far on the series – here he was giving up his girl and his chance to return to the outside world. As a writer, your best efforts happen when you’re able to channel your emotions straight onto the page. I felt a rush of emotions as Sawyer whispers his secret to Kate, kisses her, and then leaps from the open door, freefalling 100 feet into the water. I almost forgot I was typing as I watched Sawyer bobbing there in the ocean as the chopper vanished from sight. "
- Lost Magazine

"It's not all bleakness," coexec producer Carlton Cuse tells Us. "We have romance!" Yes, the quadrangle of Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) continues. "Kate and Jack are picking up their pieces, but she still pines for Sawyer," says Lindelof, adding, "Sawyer can only wait for so long."

Damon: You are very welcome Lyly for doing an episode about Sawyer and Kate's little whispery moment and Kate's promise to Sawyer. It was our pleasure.
Carlton: As for the future of Kate and Sawyer, you're going to have to keep watching the show. We obviously can't tell you exactly what is going to happen, but we can tell you there is definitely more to come.
Damon: I think Lily's a little concerned that Sawyer's living in some sort of fantasy world with Juliet.
Carlton: Hmmm.
Damon: We'll see how long that lasts. We're not sure.
Carlton: We're not sure.
Damon: Fantasies have a way of--
Carlton: Being fantasies. That's why they're called fantasies.
Damon: Precisely.
Carlton: We are looking forward to seeing what kind of future those two have as a couple.
- liveautos

Damon: Kate is raising Claire's son Aaron as her own. She knows that Claire, who's Aaron's mother, is now gone, and the only way that she can protect Aaron is to say that he is hers. And we later realize (clip of spectacular kiss and helicopter jump plays) Kate is still emotionally reeling from Sawyer's decision to jump off of the helicopter. This man that she really loved left her, abandoned her, decided to stay behind on the island. (Clip of Cassidy calling Sawyer a coward) She's trying to heal the emotional scar left by Sawyer taking himself out of the equation. (Clip of Jack telling Kate Sawyer chose to stay) And ever since that moment Jack has wondered, What did he say to her? And the fact that he still has this jealousy, What does this mean for them?
- Lost - A Journey In Time (Recap Show)

Damon: Kate doesn't realize that she's replacing the wound left by Sawyer with Aaron. (Cassidy tells Kate "Because you took him, Kate") Ironically it's pointed out to her by an ex-girlfriend of Sawyer's. ("Sawyer broke your heart, how else were supposed to fix it?") So Kate has a change of heart, she returns Aaron to his grandmother (Kate/Carole scene)
- Lost - A Journey In Time (Recap Show)

Carlton: Our characters have these encounters with things that took place in the island's past, and none is more significant than Sawyer wandering through the jungle and seeing Kate helping Claire give birth. This is an incredibly powerful, emotional moment for him. (clip plays)
Damon: And we realize that this is also the night Locke first saw that light shining out of the hatch. All of these things are happening for a reason, so to tamper with them is kind of like cheating. (Locke tells Sawyer he needed the pain to become who he is today.)
Lost - A Journey In Time (Recap Show)

Damon: And over the course of that time, Sawyer sort of finds himself in a leadership role. And he's really good at it. (LaFleur stuff plays)
Carlton: Here's a guy who was always sort of an outsider and a bad boy and a rebel, he is actually now the head of security in the Dharma Initiative, he's well-respected. Sawyer's got a whole security team that works for him, most notably Jin and Miles happen to have been assigned to security as well.
Damon: People like him, he doesn't ruffle any feathers, they have a truce with the Others, so the biggest issue that he's dealing with is probably drunkenness.
Carlton: More significantly, Sawyer's begun a romantic relationship with Juliet. (flower clip) And they're cohabitating and they have a wonderful life.
Damon: (joking) What does that mean, living together?
Carlton: That means they're living together.
Damon: Oh, okay. Then they are cohabitating. At least until our characters return. (Sawyer gets the phone call) Sawyer and Juliet get along great, there's none of the sort of emotional fireworks that existed between he and Kate. But now Kate's back (reunion clip with sappy music) and as soon as they see each other, that chemistry just locks in for both of them.
Carlton: And that throws a big wrench in the mechanism, doesn't it?
Damon: Huge.
Lost - A Journey In Time (Recap Show)


The Lost Cast/Other

From Crystal: I was filling out the Tater Top ballet. The ship name for Jack and Kate from Lost is usually Jate, not Kack! Not that it really matters to me since I'm a Skate fan through and through. Just pointing it out!
Kristin Veitch: I know. I just think Kack is funnier! Forgive me. Jate just bores me. The name and (just a smidge) the couple. Yes, I'm siding more on the Skate side. (Maybe because I want Jack for myself.) By the way, Jorge specifically asked about that Chemistry category of Tater Tops, and who was winning (seems the cast is interested to see whom everyone thinks Kate has better chemistry with). J.G., of course, gave the politician's answer: "I think Kate and Sawyer do have better chemistry, but I think the awkward chemistry between Jack and Kate is really appealing and fun to watch. Like, when Kate's in the shower and Jack catches her and he's like 'Oh, uh, ha ha,' that whole weird moment, that stuff's hilarious."
- E!Online, 2006

"I already got to see Kate and Sawyer get together. As a fan before I got on the show, I was like "Yee-har!" I thought their characters were so beautifully played by both of them. How can not like both of them? I think their characters getting together was pretty gorgeous. Now we have to see what happens next."
- Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost Magazine

"There are real feelings between Sawyer and Kate. I know because there's a moment between the two of 'em that made me go all misty-eyed and sniffly, and that's never happened to me while watching these two before."
- Ausiello about the skate hug

Poor Jaters: I've learned my lesson about saying which way I'd personally like the love triangle to go (hate mail is not my cup o' tea), but I want you to know that Jaters, I feel for ya! That long, lingering, emotional hug between Kate and Sawyer must have been excruciating to watch—and Jack's right there with ya.
- Kristin Veitch

Favorite Lost moment: "Episode six, I Do, is my favorite. I was really happy with the prelude to the love scene. What you see now is exactly the way I put it together. I changed one thing where Damon saw a mismatch, but otherwise it was exactly the same. It was really difficult. There were two cameras, but they didn't match the same way through the series of takes. I've discovered that the sexual lens on that happens beforehand is where the power is - how long you keep them from touching or kissing. The prelude is where the hot part is. I was very fearful of it. The dailies didn't feel like the finished product. It was faster and all the moments of them looking at each other weren't there. A lot of times I will cut a scene and rough it out, but because of matching, I had to be happy with each cut. I had to work it really slowly but I was really happy with it."
- Chris Nelson (editor) - Lost Magazine

The character's oft-hidden emotion comes throught. "The way he looks at Kate. He really does seem to love her"
- Elizabeth Mitchell

There's no denying the power of the love/hate animal attraction that Kate and Sawyer share, which culminated in a sexy tryst in a polar bear cage in season 3. The duo has amazing chemistry. I think one reason that so many people find "Skate" appealing is due to the fact that Kate brings out Sawyer's softer, more heartfelt side. There's nothing quite like a bad boy with a heart of gold.
I'll admit, I normally avoid thinking too much about who should end up with who on the various shows I watch. I usually just go with the flow and am happy to wait and see what the writers have planned. However, in the case of Lost I truly believe that it's Kate and Sawyer who should end up together. Their chemistry is fantastic, they bring out different strengths in one another, and they just look damn attractive together.
- Don Williams - BuddyTV Staff Columnist

My all time, all time, all time favourite moment is when Sawyer and Kate are in the cage and they've just made love and then he says to her... I don't know if he says "Did you mean it when you said-"... I think he says something like, "Did you mean it earlier when you said what you said?" And she says nothing and he goes, "I love you too". In that moment she loved Sawyer. Definitely. Do you not remember like when they were going to kill him and she was *cries*? Look. Listen. We can speculate about what the island is, and who the others are, and what the smoke means, but Kate loves Sawyer all right? When Naomi and Kate become mates Naomi will say, y'know, "So what's up do love Sawyer or what?" 'Cause Naomi's from Manchester. And then Kate will say "Yeah, I really do. I think he's fit." Because she will have been hanging out with Naomi who is from Manchester.
- Marsha Thomason

How did you feel when you found out that Jack and Kate end up together?
I’ve always really liked Kate and Sawyer together, so I thought that was kind of a bummer. It’s hard to say how ego-wise I felt about it or how I felt about them together. Obviously, I’m sure that Juliet wouldn’t have thought it was that great.
- Elizabeth Mitchell

"Well, why wouldn't he? They're great! I love them!"
- Elizabeth Mitchell



They aren't officially a couple, but Lost's Sawyer and Kate generate a ton of heat with their spark-filled love/hate attitudes. This unbeatable romantic tension will have to be addressed sooner or later ? the island isn't that big. And after the thieving Kate gave the tortured troublemaker one of the hottest kisses of all time, another may send an S.O.S. to Sawyer's heart.
- TV Guide

Kate [hearts] Sawyer.
- Whitney Pastorek • Entertainment Weekly

Kate & Sawyer hook-up on Lost: I don't care that it's on during the family hour, this show needs some sex! Kate's make-out session with Jack didn't cut it. I'll even choose a location: the shower. Or the waterfall. Or the beach. Or the black ship. Or...
- TV Squad "All Anna Wants for Festivus" - Kate and Sawyer to Hook Up

She has to hook up with Sawyer!
- US Weekly

Sawyer, meanwhile, is dealing with the aftereffects of having a semi-functional soul. He's pretty crushed over the death of Ana Lucia, his onetime roll-in-the-hay. Heck, he's so upset, he'll turn to Jack, the man he suspects of ''netting'' his true love Kate in the woods. (Jack, clearly enjoying himself, is doing little to disabuse Sawyer of that suspicion.) But maybe it takes a little grief to clear the head: Congrats, Sawyer, for being the first to point out that Sayid is the only castaway with actual military experience and might therefore be useful in a fight.
- Entertainment Weekly

"I did all these things," Henry/Ben said, "so that you will have something to hold on to. Because these next two weeks are going to be very unpleasant." For now, that unpleasantness consists of time in the bear cage right across from Sawyer's, so the two can make loving eyes at each other when they're not snacking on fish biscuits.

Sawyer actually escapes from his cage, with the help of a young man held in another cage across the way, but he doesn’t get far. The young man disappears (my guess is that the whole escape thing was a put-on to break Sawyer down) and is replaced by Kate, who is supposed to be relieved to see her friend, but instead appears so overwhelmed by the sexual tension between them that she looks like she has the vapors.
- Newsweek

Last but not least, how hot was that kiss? It's about time some action developed between those two -- but shame on S&K for not realizing cameras could be watching their every move. You aren't going to find anything negative in the media about this couple. They know how rarely this kind of lightning strikes.
- USA Today

Romance Done Right
In the romance done right category, Sawyer comes upon a struggling Kate radiating exhaustion. You can see the heartfelt sympathy in his eyes. It’s a rare moment for Sawyer. True emotion comes through vividly, which is a testament to Josh Holloway’s acting. It’s not enough to just give the sad look, but to make it look so uncommon to Sawyer’s guise, as if he is surrendering to it, was magic. He says to hell with it, walks over, and lays a kiss on her. This naturally draws the ire of the others who descend in force. Sawyer actually kicks some major ass in this scene. Taking out several others by himself, getting his hands on a shocker and an Ak-47! Ultimately, Juliet, who calls him James, puts a gun to Kate’s head and he gives up, accepting a shock for his troubles.
- Tail Section

On the other hand, I think the development of Sawyer and Kate’s relationship is being handled beautifully, just as Jack becomes increasingly annoying.
- The Day

Meanwhile, Kate's getting obviously worn out, and makes a little tired noise, and Sawyer gives her this cute tender look and then *WHOOSH* swoops in for the passionate kiss.
Now THAT is HOT.
- Foresthouse

So Danny took out all his aggressions on Sawyer and beat the hell out of him . He only stopped when Kate admitted that she loved him. She later denied that, when she almost escaped, but I think she meant it. She's just as headstrong as Sawyer is which is why they're a better match than her and Jack. I was surprised that Sawyer never broke down and told her what was in his chest though. He loves her, that's a certain.
- TV Squad

Back at the cages, Kate sees that the Others have put a choke chain on Sawyer, and she finally gets motivated. Desperate to save the dumb hick, she even goes so far as to say she loves him, because that's what punchy Pickett wants to know. (True? False? Time will tell.) Sawyer refuses to escape with her, since Benry says any combativeness from him means pain for Kate. Disgusted by Sawyer's lack of fight, yet still devoted, forever-fugitive Kate voluntarily goes back behind bars, giving up her beloved flight to stay close to Sawyer.
- Review of Anna Graham

Kate claims she only said that to stop the beatings. If Kate doesn't love Sawyer, then she is doing a horrible job convincing me.
- recap of ABC

The highlight must be the romantic spectacle of Kate and Sawyer.
(..) the steamy scenes between Kate and Sawyer, pre and post-coital. America got a little warmer Wednesday night.
- LuminoMagazine.com

Kate finally reveals her true feelings for Sawyer in some emotionally heart wrenching scenes that will no doubt please longtime fans of the series. Including one creepy scene with her and Sawyer making love. The scene isn't creepy because they finally decided to submit to their heated sexual tension from the past two seasons (...) Sawyer makes a character defining decision to sacrifice himself so that Kate's life will be sparred. This scene, beautifully shot in the rain, is one of the most powerful scenes that the series has offered thus far. Sawyer willingly getting down on his knees as Kate looks on begging for mercy will be one of the series defining moments as it is a turning point for both these characters. Kate, who has been afraid to make commitments, (as can be seen in her flashback) finally meets someone who can truly understand her and while she has fought her urges to this point, she finally submits to her love for him. James "Sawyer" Ford goes through a similar struggle, as his nature is to repel those who get close to him but there is something about Kate that he shares. It is good to see that the writer's decided not to drag out this love triangle any longer, well, at least not in its current form.
- ING.com

THIS is the moment beauty Kate choose Sawyer over Jack and seals the deal with a passionate romp.
Kate (Evangeline Lilly) can't get enough of bad boy Sawyer (Josh Hollway) in the new series of the US hit.
But this leave doctor Jack (Mathew Fox) out in the cold. The third series starts on Sky One on Sunday 19.
- The Sun

Kate choose Sawter
Since the crash of Flight 815, Lost's biggest mystery - aside from the polar bears, the smoke monster and the exact nature of life and death on the island - has been Kate and Sawyer or Kate and Jack? On November 8, we got the answer, in a scene best described as caged passion.
- TV Guide

Forget the smoke monster and cursed numbers, the island's biggest miystery - Who will kate choose? - was answered in the show's mid-season finale. Sorry about that, Jack!
- Tv Guide

The other memorable ‘Lost’ moment of the season was Sawyer and Kate’s steamy sex scene. I say “steamy” because the two have been living outdoors in cages for days (or was it weeks?). While it was nice to see them get all hot and heavy with each other, I couldn’t help but wonder just how smelly the whole thing would be if it were real. Nothing like the stench of sweat, dirt and fish biscuits to get the old mojo going.
- Cinema Blend • Best of 2006

Jack loves Kate. Kate loves Sawyer. Sawyer loves himself. Or maybe Kate, too
- Boston Herald.com

From the moment they first laid eyes on each other in the wreckage of Flight 815, there's been a slowly building passion burning between Kate Austen and James "Sawyer" Ford.
Both damaged souls with shady pasts, they are fiercely independent even in the wilds of their new home in the jungle. Despite being stranded in the middle of the Pacific, they hold fast to their adopted armor, keeping their distance from those who reach out to them. Yet their metaphorical fences don't apply to one another, as they've connected in a smoldering dance, testing one another's comfort zones while revealing small increments of their true selves. Be it a sexy kiss by a tree, or Sawyer's nickname for Kate of "Freckles," this pair of kindred souls have been captivating one another and Lost audiences since the show began.
- Lost Magazine

Over the first six episodes of season three, the pair fight their circumstances, and they eventually come to terms with where they are and what they will do to protect one another. With that mutual understanding of what they mean to each other, the stage was set for that moment many fans were waiting for - Kate and Sawyer finally making love.
- Lost Magazine

Stand back, Jack: Kate's quest for a date
Kate’s “go ahead and pick one already” dilemma got a little easier. For now. When pushed to reveal her true feelings, lest Sawyer suffer, Kate admitted that she loved the con man. Now, normally declarations of affection under duress don’t count, but this looked genuine. At least it did for the legions of fan-forum types who are drooling to see those two together.
After a torture session with Ben, Sawyer gave up on the idea of escape and kept quiet about his ordeal. But he wasn’t mum for his sake — he was protecting “Freckles.” Aw, it looks like the ol' rebel’s going soft.
Kate continued the breakout efforts, but Sawyer broke the bad news: there’s nowhere to run. He's learned that they're no longer on the original island, but on a neighboring patch of land. With that said, the two comforted each other as best they knew how — by having sex in a bear cage. It was only slightly more romantic than it sounds.
- The Province

The sweetest of TV’s sweethearts
In honor of Valentine’s Day, here is a completely subjective list of network TV’s cutest couples:
Kate and Sawyer, — Jack may love her; she may love Jack. But a supersteamy scene with Sawyer proved definitively that this duo passes its chemistry test. Then again, “Lost” is lousy with cute couples: Sun and Jin; Charlie and Claire; and potentially Jack and Juliet.
- STLtoday • Entertainment

If you, like me, were hoping Kate and Sawyer would share a little snuggle time — or at least call a truce — this week, you were sorely disappointed. For all his charm and verbal dexterity, Sawyer says some astonishingly dumb things around Kate, e.g., "I ain't got nothin to be sorry for". And Kate, always more of a doer than a talker, responds in kind: "So that's how it's going to be?" Use your words, people! While it's clear that Kate still has feelings for Jack, her decision to immediately turn around and rescue him seemed more a reaction to this conversation than anything else.
- Entertainment Weekly review

Kate and Sawyer might actually make sense. The reunion between them was the first time I believed in it. That was some embrace. Plus, Jack's annoying me with his bossy cluelessness.
- TvGuide.com

That son of a bitch Sawyer and his crazy girlfriend Kate — those two are epic.
- E!Online, 2007 ('Reasons to Be Thankful This TV Season')

Sawyer looks at the others and makes a decision. He leans over to Kate, whispers something in her ear, and then kisses Kate the kind of kiss that stops time. It's nothing short of spectacular.
- ABC Official Recap

Everyone knows Kate and Sawyer are meant to be.
- CinemaBlend.com

As he gets closer he realizes -- it's Kate and pregnant Claire, and Kate is helping Claire deliver her baby. And as mind boggling as it is, he can't help being moved at seeing Kate again. He watches as Claire gives birth to Aaron, and then hears the familiar rumbling of a flash coming and --FAAZAAM! The flash washes over him. Now he's in the same patch of jungle but in bright daylight. Claire is gone. Aaron is gone. But most importantly Kate is gone. Sawyer is devastated.
- ABC Official Recap

Sawyer watches the scene looking on the verge of tears, but apparently having listened to Daniel's warning in the first episode, doesn't try to change anything that's already happened. The time flashes again before you know it, Locke comes up and asks him what he saw, and he mutters "Don't matter, it's gone now." Oh, Sawyer, we're all feeling for you.
- cinemablend.com

Time travel does have its benefits -- the scene where Saywer spots Kate helping Claire give birth didn't need words, Josh Holloway's face said it all. Everything was etched right there -- his love for Kate, and the difficulty of finding the restraint not to talk to her. When Sawyer talked to Juliet later, it seemed he didn't let Kate know he was there because he knew it wouldn't change what he thinks was the eventual outcome -- that she died.
- PioneerLocal.com

Can Season 5 Sawyer be any more dreamy? First, the shirtless thing. Then the tears over fallen friends and departed Kate. And then, last night, that face on him as he watched Kate coach Claire through Aaron's birth, and then — and THEN! — he went and opened his heart to Juliet with his whole she-was-close-enough-to-touch thing.
- Entertainment Weekly's

But knowing what we know now about Sawyer in this episode, it seems to me that Kate has always been with both of them in a way. She said it to Jack but it was felt more powerfully by Sawyer later in the episode.
- washingtonpost.com

'Oh, their steamy passion could scorch cities for days.'
- TV Talk